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Director. Producer. Filmmaker.

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Originally from Detroit, Michigan

Graduate of Full Sail University Film School

Masters of Business in Entertainment​

Sonny "SUNDOG" Stovall a multifaceted  filmmaker, writes, shoots, directs, produces and more. During time in film school he experienced all areas of film production. He found a love for shooting as a student he shot music videos for classmates in music department and local Orlando artist.


After graduation in 2011 he continued shooting and directing independent films and found his professional legs completing a documentary he collaborated on with John Washington Jr. entitled 40 years Later Our People. In this project he was fortunate enough to interview several celebrities including Terry Crews, Bill Cosby, Mos Def and Jesse Jackson. Also, he was thrust into the world of reality television working with television greats Simon Cowell and Oprah Winfrey in his first two of several network reality show jobs. His blessed and fast paced career has taken him all over the US and abroad including Paris, London and Amsterdam.

His company aims to meet and exceed customer needs on all levels. They produce all types of projects from photos to feature films to weddings to reality.  No job is too massive or minuscule. Sundogshoots will bring expertise to the upcoming artist, owners, families, and creative community at affordable rates.

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